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23-24 May 19

EventSoutheast Asia Catalysis Conference (SACC) 2019


22-23 May 17

EventSoutheast Asia Catalysis Conference (SACC) 2017


23 JUN 15 - 25 JUN 15

Event: International Conference on Nanospace Materials (ICNM) 2015

14 MAY 15 - 15 MAY 15

EventSoutheast Asia Catalysis Conference (SACC) 2015


23 MAY 14

Event7th Singapore Catalysis Forum

Our 7th annual forum was successfully held in Biopolis on 23-May-2014. The forum gather together more than one hundred participants mainly from Singapore and also from all over the world. Distinguished invited speakers include: Prof. Ted Oyama from Tokyo University, Prof. Fritz Kühn from TU Munich, Prof. Ikuo Fujii from Osaka Prefecture University, Prof. Notker Rösch from TU München, Dr. Angela Marinetti from CNRS France, and Dr. Fabien Cabirol from Evonik (SEA).

The forum also included student oral and poster presentation competitions. ZHANG Jiaguang from Prof. YAN Ning's group in ChBE, NUS won the best oral presentation, and LI Ziwei from Prof. Kawi's group in the same department won the best poster presentation. Congratulations to the two young scientists!

08-10 OCT 14

Event: The 1st International Symposium on Catalytic Science and Technology in Sustainable Energy and Environment

The sustainability of energy and environment has been one of the most important concerns of the human society in recent years. Catalytic technologies play a major role in approaching the sustainable goal. In recent years, many friends visited Tianjin and brought to us exciting progress and presentations.

Now, we propose to initiate an international symposium in Tianjin, the third largest, the richest in history and recently updated city in China, to host discussions on important catalytic topics. We propose to have the first event during October 8-10, 2014, just before the National Congress on Catalysis of China, which will be held in Hangzhou, so called paradise of China, the week afterwards.


05 DEC 13

EventSCS Lecture -- Prof Fangming JIN

Fangming JIN Distinguished Professor School of Environmental Science & Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University

19 AUG 13

EventSCS Lecture-- Prof Daniel E. Resasco

Kinetics and Mechanism of Carboxylic Acids Ketonization on Ru/TiO2 catalysts Professor Daniel E. Resasco University of Oklahoma

15 JUL 13

EventSCS LECTURE - Structure Sensitivity in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Prof. dr. Emiel J.M. Hensen Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

20 JUN 13

NewsC&FC2013 conference

International Symposium on Catalysis and Fine Chemicals 2013

17 MAY 13

Event6th Singapore Catalysis Forum
We are pleased to announce our 6th annual forum on catalysis. This one-day forum includes 8 invited talks to highlight recent advances in homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio catalysis. Come join us for an opportunity to meet the experts and learn about trends, new challenges and different aspects in catalysis. We are calling for submission of poster presentations from student participants. A cash prize of $150 is given to the best poster presentation.



29 OCT 12 - 30 OCT 12

EventInnovative Chemical & Engineering Solutions For Sustainable Growth
We are proud to announce an International Scientific Conference to celebrate our 10 years of achievement. The theme is "Innovation Chemical and Engineering Solutions for Sustainable Growth". Eighteen leading scientists from industry and academia will share their insights and knowledge in three focused sessions, "Chemicls & Energy", "Speciality Chemicals" and "Pharmaceuticals" over 2 days.

02 AUG 12 - 04 AUG 12

EventNext Generation Technologies For Bioenergy And Biomass Utilisation
The demand of renewable resources and state-of-the-art technologies, including biomass and biological processes to support the supply of raw material inputs for energy and other related sectors has been increasing in recent years. This international conference will discuss the key technologies involved as well as policy issues related to new biomass feedstocks and conversion technologies for the production of bioenergy and biochemicals. The conference will be a venue for information exchange along with opportunities for productive interactions between researchers and industry professionals for the development and adoption of clean and sustainable technologies for a better future.

30 JUL 12 - 31 JUL 12

Event2nd International Conference on MOLECULAR AND FUNCTIONAL CATALYSIS (ICMFC-2)
Catalysis is an established science of contemporary value. It is an area of global interest with strategic relevance in Singapore. This meeting provides a nucleus to gather researchers, scientists, engineers as well as industry & business professionals to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations and discuss the latest developments in a field that is intimately linked to global challenges such as energy, environment and health. It also provides a valuable learning experience for students and aspiring researchers.

01 JUN 12

EventSCS Lecture - Prof. Dr. Notker Rösch
Prof. Dr. Notker Rösch Department Chemistry and Catalysis Research Center Technical University Munich

18 MAY 12

Event5th Singapore Catalysis Forum

18 MAY 12

EventNotice of Annual General Meeting on 18 May 2012



12 DEC 11

EventOpening of X-Ray Absorption Facility for Catalysis Research (XAFCA)
Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES), in collaboration with NUS Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS), has set up a dedicated X-ray Absorption Facility for CAtalysis Research (XAFCA) to perform advanced research on catalysis, materials science and related disciplines.

04 DEC 11

News3rd Asia-Oceania Conference on Green & Sustainable Chemistry

20 MAY 11

Event4th Singapore Catalysis Forum

18 APR 11


04 MAR 11 - 31 OCT 11

NewsInvitation Asian-Oceanian Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry


1 JUL 10

EventSigma-Aldrich - Singapore Catalysis Society Research Seminar on Catalysis

2-in-1 Seminar by Akira Suzuki and Leung Pak Hing

17 MAY 10

Event3rd Singapore Catalysis Forum

08 JAN 10

EventSingapore Catalysis Society - Short Lecture Series by Prof Dr Eite Drent

Homogeneous Catalysis; the Art and Science in Concert.


13 DEC 09 - 17 DEC 09

NewsInternational Symposium on Catalysis and Fine Chemicals 2009

15 OCT 09

EventSCS Short Lecture Series by Prof dr J W (Hans) Niemantsverdriet

15 OCT 09

NewsFirst Honorary Member Appointed

17 AUG 09

Event2nd Singapore Catalysis Forum

22 APR 09

EventSingapore Catalysis Society Mini Lecture Series

Title: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for High Efficiency and Flexibility Speaker: Dr. Jens Rostrup-Nielsen

15 APR 09

EventSymposium on Catalysis: A Major Key to Sustainability

27 MAR 09 - 10 APR 09

NewsLogo Design Competition for Singapore Catalysis Society

25 FEB 09

EventTransition Metal-Catalysed Organometallic Reactions that Have Revolutionised Organic Synthesis



17 APR 08

Hear experts' view in the area of catalysis in this inaugural forum.