Who can be a member

We welcome any organization or person, including students from the tertiary institutions, who is engaged or having an interest in the field of catalysis.


Types of memberships
a.   Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership shall be restricted to persons who have made significant contributions to the advancement in the field of catalysis. Nominations of Honorary Membership shall be made in writing by Ordinary Members to the Committee and must receive the unanimous approval of a duly constituted meeting of the Committee.
b.   Ordinary Membership
Ordinary Membership is open to any person engaged in activities associated with catalysis.
c.   Corporate Membership
Corporate Membership is open to any organisation, government or private, commercial or otherwise, that is in any way engaged in any activities that deal with any aspect of catalysis. A Corporate Member is entitled to nominate two of its employees as its official representatives and to change its nominees from time to time provided that the Committee has no objection to any such nomination.
d.   Student Membership
Student Membership is open to any bona-fide student of a tertiary institution genuinely interested in the practice of catalysis.


Honorary Membership Free
Ordinary Membership   $50.00
Corporate Membership   $1000.00
Student Membership   $10.00



Any new member enrolled within the calendar year shall pay full fees for that current year. Membership is renewable on 1 January of each year.


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