President's Message

I am truly honored to be the third president of the Singapore Catalysis Society.

Catalysis Science is essential for the solution in many problems of today’s society. Catalysis is the key to achieving sustainability since it allows the rational use of resources to produce energy, chemicals, and materials, minimizing the consumption of raw materials and energy and also reducing the production of wastes and maximizing the use of renewable resources. Thus, catalysis is essential for preserving our environment.

The chemical sector is one of the key pillars of Singapore’s Economy and catalysts are the work horses of the chemical industry. About 90% of all chemical processes rely on them. This is true for oil refining, petrochemicals and other bulk chemicals, Pharmaceutical products and fine chemicals, as well as for air and water purification.

Our vision is to promote the growth and development of catalysis research in Singapore, aiming to bring together members from industry, research institutes, universities, tertiary institutions, government departments and other professional bodies. However, it is always important to keep in mind that the success of our society is not possible without the active support and participation of all our members.


Armando Borgna